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"Notable Sales","François Clouet","Madeleine Le Clerc"

"16th Century","French","Military","Corneille de Lyon","An Unknown Nobleman in Armour"

"18th Century","British","English","Military","Royal","Sash","Tudor and Stuart","Antonio David","Prince James Edward Stuart (1688 - 1766), a ricordo"

"17th Century","French","Claude Deruet","A Young French Noblewoman"

"17th Century","British","Children","English","Group","English School","Two young children, by repute from the Courtenay family"

"16th Century","Gervasio Gatti","Giuliano II Cesarini with his Page"

"British","Tudor and Stuart","Hans Holbein The Younger","Lady Margaret Wotton, Marchioness of Dorset (1487 - 1541)"

"17th Century","Dutch","Flemish","Johann Kerseboom","Two children, said to be Emily and Robert Cecil"

"17th Century","British","English","Tudor and Stuart","William Larkin","Christopher Cresacre More (1572 - 1649)"

"French","Royal","15th century","Jacob de Litemont","Louis XI, King of France (1423 – 1483)"

"16th Century","German","Nicolas de Neufchâtel","Portrait of an Unknown Gentleman"

"Notable Sales","Robert Peake","Catherine Carey, Countess of Nottingham (c.1547 - 1603)"

"Notable Sales","Frans Pourbus the Younger","Archduke Albert VII of Austria (1559-1621)"

"Notable Sales","Frans Pourbus the Younger","Louis XIII of France"

"Notable Sales","Orazio Gentileschi","David contemplating the Head of Goliath"

"Notable Sales","Jacob van Doort","Ulrik, Prince of Denmark (1611 - 1633), Son of Christian IV"

"Notable Sales","Corneille de Lyon","James V of Scotland"

"Notable Sales","William Larkin","A Baby, said to be Lady Waugh"

"17th Century","English","Jacobean","William Larkin","Jane, Lady Thornagh (c.1600 – 1661)"

"Notable Sales","Sir Anthony van Dyck","Saint Sebastian Bound for Martyrdom"

"Notable Sales","Daniel Mytens","Charles I, as Prince of Wales (1600-1649)"

"Notable Sales","Justus Van Egmont","Charles II as Prince of Wales"

"Notable Sales","Cornelius Johnson","Maria de Fraeye (1605 – 1682)"

"Notable Sales","Cornelius Johnson","Willem Thielen (1596 – 1638), Reverend Minister of the Reformed Dutch Church of London"

"Notable Sales","Sir Anthony van Dyck","Pompone II de Bellièvre"

"Notable Sales","Hans Holbein The Younger","The Lumley portrait of King Edward VI, as Prince of Wales"

"Notable Sales","Peter Lely","Samuel Crew (? - 1660)"

"Notable Sales","Frans Hals","An Unknown Man"

"Notable Sales","Philippe de Champaigne","Jean de Thévenot (1633 - 1667)"

"Notable Sales","Frans Hals","Frans Post"

"Notable Sales","Steven van Herwijck","John Farnham, Gentleman-Pensioner to Elizabeth I"

"Notable Sales","Isaac Oliver","Elizabeth I and the Three Goddesses"

"Notable Sales","Cornelis Ketel","Richard Goodricke of Ribston, Yorkshire (1560 - 1601)"

"Notable Sales","English School","An Allegory of Man"

"Notable Sales","English School","Lord Thomas Howard, 1st Earl of Suffolk"

"Notable Sales","Frans Pourbus the Younger","An Unknown Man"

"Notable Sales","Pieter Jansz. Pourbus","The Last Supper"

"16th Century","French","Group","TEFAF 2016","François Quesnel","Jeanne de Bourdeille (d.1596), with one of her daughters holding a miniature of her late husband Antoine de Beaupoil de Sainte-Aulaire, Sénéchal de Perigord (c.1560 - 1593)"

"16th Century","British","English","Tudor and Stuart","Sir William Segar","William Fitzwilliam of Milton and Gainspark, later 1st Baron Fitzwilliam of Lifford (c.1570 - 1644)"

"Notable Sales","Sir Anthony van Dyck","An Unknown Genoese Noblewoman"

"16th Century","British","TEFAF 2015","Tudor and Stuart","Hans Holbein The Younger","Lady Alice More (c.1474 - c.1551)"

"Notable Sales","Robert Peake","Elizabeth Stuart, Princess Royal"

Lucas Cranach The Younger

1515 – 1586


"Notable Sales","Lucas Cranach The Younger","Lucretia"

"17th Century","English","Sir Peter Lely","An Unknown Noblewoman"

"18th Century","Military","Sash","Antonio David","Prince James Edward Stuart, The Old Pretender (1688 - 1766)"

"Notable Sales","English School","The Ditchley Henry VIII"

"Notable Sales","","Nicholas Lanier (1588 - 1666) with The Liberation of St. Peter by Hendrick van Steenwyck II"

"Notable Sales","William Larkin","Anne Clifford, Countess of Dorset (1590 - 1676)"

"Notable Sales","Sir Anthony van Dyck","Sir Robert Howard, K.B. (1583/4 - 1653)"

"17th Century","British","English","John Michael Wright","Sir Willoughby Aston, 2nd Bt. (1640 – 1702), of Aston Hall, Aston-by-Sutton, Cheshire, in a capriccio landscape"

"16th Century","French","TEFAF 2015","Gillis Egidius Claeissens","Unknown Nobleman in Armour"

"Notable Sales","Jean Clouet","Madeleine of France (1520 - 1537), 3rd Daughter of François I (1494 - 1537) and Claude of France (1499 - 1524)"

"Notable Sales","English School","Frances Howard, dowager Countess of Kildare (c.1572 - 1628), later Baroness Cobham"

"Notable Sales","John de Critz","Anne of Denmark (1574 - 1619)"

"Notable Sales","Paul van Somer","Frances, Lady Willoughby with her son Lord Francis, 5th Lord Willoughby of Parham, Suffolk (1614 - 1666)"

"Notable Sales","Antoine Watteau","La reve de l'artiste"

"Notable Sales","George Gower","An Unknown Lady"

"Notable Sales","Cornelius Johnson","An Unknown Gentleman"

"Notable Sales","Gilbert Soest","A gentleman, thought to be Sir Thomas Tipping (1615 - 1693)"

"Notable Sales","Adrian Vanson","James VI of Scotland, and later I of England (1566 - 1625)"

"17th Century","English","TEFAF 2015","English School","Sir Reginald Mohun, 1st Bart. of Hall and Boconnoc (c.1564-1639) and his wife, Dorothy Chudleigh of Ashton, Devon"

"17th Century","Anglo-Flemish","TEFAF 2015","Paul van Somer","Sir Rowland Cotton (1581 – 1634) of Alkington Hall, Whitechurch, and Bellaport Hall, Shropshire"

"16th Century","Military","TEFAF 2015","Pieter Isaacsz","An Unknown Danish Militiaman"

"17th Century","English","Tudor and Stuart","Anthony van Dyck","King Charles I of England (1600 – 1649)"

"17th Century","French","TEFAF 2015","TEFAF 2016","Daniel Dumonstier","An Unknown French Noblewoman"

"17th Century","Anglo-Flemish","TEFAF 2015","TEFAF 2016","George Geldorp","Martha Bertie (née Cokayne), Countess of Lindsey (1605 – 1641)"

"Baroque","French","Religious","Simon Vouet","The Virgin and Child of the Rose; [‘Vierge à l’enfant à la rose’]"

"17th Century","Flemish","Notable Sales","TEFAF 2015","Frans Pourbus the Younger","Henri IV of France (1553 – 1610)"

"16th Century","English","Politician","TEFAF 2016","Unknown Follower of Hieronimo Custodis (fl. 1592 – 1612)","Sir John Puckering of Kew, Surrey and Weston (c. 1544 – 1596)"

"16th Century","Anglo-Flemish","Elizabethan","TEFAF 2016","Marcus Gheeraerts the Younger","Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex (1565 – 1601)"

"17th Century","English","Politician","TEFAF 2016","Cornelius Johnson","Sir William Campion of Combwell (1585 – 1640)"

"Dutch","Family Group","TEFAF 2016","Anonymous Flemish Artist (fl. Zeeland, c.1627)","Four Unknown Children and their Dog"

"16th Century","English","Steven van der Meulen","Robert Dudley (1532/3 – 1588), 1st Earl of Leicester"

"17th Century","Flemish","Nobleman","Jacob Ferdinand Voet","Unknown Young Nobleman"

"English","Jacobean","Nobleman","TEFAF 2016","Hieronimo Custodis","Sir Thomas Drake of Buckland Abbey, Yelverton (1556 – 1606)"

"17th Century","Jacobean","Lady","Robert Peake","An unknown noblewoman, possibly Mary Beaumont, Countess of Buckingham (c.1570 - 1632)"

"17th Century","English","Royal","John de Critz","Anne of Denmark (1574 – 1619), Queen Consort of James VI and I"

"17th Century","French","Royal","Frans Pourbus the Younger","An Unknown Bourbon Princess "

"17th Century","English","Noble","William Larkin","An Unknown Noblewoman"

"18th Century","Merchant","Andrea Soldi","An Unknown Gentleman in Levantine Dress"

"18th Century","Military","George Knapton","Major, later Lieutenant Colonel John Caulfield (d.1752), Commander-in-chief of the Island of Roatan"

"Notable Sales","Sir Anthony van Dyck","A fragment of Jupiter as a Satyr, from a version of Jupiter and Antiope"

"Notable Sales","Sir Anthony van Dyck","An Antwerp Merchant, N(iklaas) Gansacher [?]"

"Notable Sales","Artemisia Gentileschi ","Saint Catherine of Alexandria"

"Notable Sales","Frans Pourbus the Younger","An Unknown Man, aged 56"

"Notable Sales","Frans Pourbus the Younger ","Elisabeth of France (1602 – 1644), later Isabelle, Queen of Spain"

"Notable Sales","Frans Pourbus the Younger ","Henri IV of France (1553 – 1610)"

"19th century","Royal","British","Sir Martin Archer Shee, P.R.A. ","A young lady, thought to be Princess Victoria, later Queen Victoria (1819 – 1901)"

"16th Century","English","Tudor","Royal","Queen","English School","Elizabeth I of England (1533–1603)"

"16th Century","English","Tudor","Court","Sir William Segar","Robert Dudley, 1st Earl of Leicester (1532 – 1588)"

"16th Century","English","Merchant","Elizabethan","Unknown Follower of Custodis ","An Unknown Gentleman "

"17th Century","French","Self-portrait","Lucas Franchoys the Younger ","Self-portrait [?]"

"16th Century","English","Royal","William Scrots","Edward VI of England (1537 – 1553)"

"17th Century","Dutch","Child","Friesland School, 1603","A young boy aged 3 holding a kolf club and ball"

"17th Century","Noble Child","English","Cornelius Johnson and Studio","Henry Capel, later Baron Capel of Tewkesbury (1638 – 1696) "

"17th Century","Nobleman","English","Full-length","William Larkin ","James Hay, 1st Earl of Carlisle (1580 – 1636)"

"17th Century","Family Group","English","William Peake","Three children, possibly James (1607 – 1651), later 7th Earl of Derby; Robert (d. 1632) and Anne Stanley, later Countess of Ancram (d. 1657)"

"16th Century","English","Nobleman","Gerlach Flicke ","Ralph Callard, of St. Minver, Cornwall (b. c. 1530)"

"17th Century","Flemish","Family Group","Otto van Veen ","An unknown Flemish Family "

"17th Century","Royal","Turkish","Thought to be after a lost original by Tiziano Vecellio (c. 1488 – 1576), called Titian","Cameria, Mihrimah Sultan (1522 – 1576), daughter of Emperor Suleiman the Magnificent (1494 - 1566), of the Ottoman Empire"

"16th Century","French","Military","Pierre Dumonstier ","Filippo di Piero Strozzi (1541 – 1582), Knight of Malta, in armour with the Order of Saint Michel"

"17th Century","Caravaggist","Italian","Giuseppe Vermiglio ","The Sacrifice of Isaac"

"17th Century","Spanish","Flemish","Frans Pourbus the Younger and Studio","An Unknown Spanish Noblewoman "

"17th Century","English","Law","English School","Sir Henry Hobart, 1st Bt. (c.1554 – 1625)"

"17th Century","Dutch","Child","Dirck Dircksz. Santvoort","An Unknown Young Girl with a Sheep "

"16th Century","English","Noble","Elizabethan","Sir William Segar","Elizabeth “Bess” Throckmorton, Lady Raleigh (1565 – c.1647) "